Polyana, Transcarpathia

Luxury Lifestyle

The hotel offers a restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, conference room, modern rooms, spa services, a great location, and much more.

Prices start at ₴1,500

 ₴1,200 day with breakfast

There are a few rooms left!

A different way of life

Welcome to Polyana

It is located 10 km from the district center, in a small narrow valley surrounded by forests on almost all sides. In the vicinity of Polyana, the ascent to the Uklinsky pass and two rivers meet — Mala Pynia and Velikaya Pynia, giving rise to Pina

To the southeast of the village is Krekhaya Mountain, to the east the village is protected by Kichera Mountain, and to the west rises the Sinyak mountain range with the Danube peak. The village is located in the western part of the district. It borders on Solochyne and Plosky village councils and (in the north) Volovets district. The Luh and Hlybokyi streams border the village.

Polyana has a long history. The artifacts found on the territory of the village date back to the second millennium BC. The village was first mentioned in the twelfth century as a small settlement of shepherds. In the 40s of the thirteenth century, when the Mongol-Tatars invaded Transcarpathia, Polyana, like many other villages on the way of their advance, was burned. After the invasion, the village remained deserted for a long time. It was only in the XV-XVI centuries that signs of life appeared here. In 1548, Polyana was settled for the second time.

Join our other happy guests and choose from luxurious rooms made to the highest standards of construction and design.

Almost all of the rooms have sunny balconies offering breathtaking views of the mountains and the city. They have comfortable beds, modern amenities, air conditioning, refrigerators, private bathrooms, and some even have a jacuzzi. To get full information about the available rooms, contact us today to book your trip to Zakarpattia.

Quality Life for you and your family

The hotel of your dreams is waiting for you

Quality Life for you and your family


The luxurious hotel is designed to suit the modern lifestyle and provides a spacious, integrated environment with everything you need. Stunning lobby with modern design, equipped with surveillance cameras for maximum security.

Brilliant architectural design with breathtaking mountain views. A large, magnificent conference room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private parking, and an impressive courtyard that stretches over the entire territory of the complex.

Private Parking

Private parking is available on site

Indoor/Summer pools

Free indoor and summer pools for our guests

СПА процедури

Є можливість скористатися ручними масажами не виходячи з готелю

Rest area

Wait for your room with comfort and delicious coffee

Conference Halls

Hold working meetings or mass events in conference halls (capacity of the first conference hall is up to 150 people, the second - up to 80 people)

24/7 Security

Our security guards work for you to make you feel safe

Gazebos in the yard

Enjoy nature, incredible beauty is everywhere

Volleyball field

Live life to the fullest - engage in active recreation

Delicious Dishes

Continent restaurant

Try Transcarpathian cuisine and experience the sophistication of urban culture

Life in the Best City


The hotel complex is located near springs with healing mineral waters, which are recognized as the best in Europe and the CIS. The water has a carbonate composition, which is so necessary for every organism. You will be able to get a certain health improvement while having a rest in Polyana village, Transcarpathia.

A hotel you can trust

If you decide to spend your vacation in the Carpathian Mountains, you should use the services of our hotel. This is a reliable platform that provides each client with the opportunity to have a quality vacation.

There are a few rooms left!

Do not miss your chance to relax in the most desirable corner of Transcarpathia

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